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Judd Bagley is a multifaceted professional, with strong experience in the areas of journalism, PR, and bitcoin technology. He is currently dedicated to moving the oxcart of civilization forward a few feet by advocating the adoption of cryptocurrencies and technologies based on decentralized ledgers such as the blockchain. Judd works at InsideSales.com as the Director of Corporate Communications.

Judd Bagley joined Overstock.com after interviewing the CEO Patrick Byrne for a podcast within his then-PR company, Big Idea Communications. He was offered a position with Overstock and became its Director of Communications and Social Media. He has worked with the company ever since, and he has been instrumental in many of its game-changing initiatives, particularly regarding cryptocurrency.

Judd first heard of Bitcoin in 2011, on NPR’s Planet Money. He remained skeptical until 2013, when Bitcoin began to emerge as a legitimate phenomenon. Overstock.com decided to take a chance, and became the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin; today, Bitcoin purchases represent nearly 40% of the company’s business. As head of the PR department at the time, Judd had to quickly learn a lot about Bitcoin in order to be conversant in the subject. The more he learned, the more he became fascinated by the concept, and this interest led to his being included in all of Overstock.com’s cryptocurrency efforts.

Judd Bagley’s fascination by the cryptocurrency has two bases: first, Bitcoiners are a large community of people that have funds, and are willing to spend them; second, he believes that the currency has the potential to become more stable than the dollar, which can be produced indefinitely by the federal reserve or the department of treasury. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is more similar to gold: the amount of the currency that can be added to the economy is constrained mathematically. Bitcoin is protected from inflation, and its value will allow commerce to continue, in good times and bad. These two factors have driven Judd to be at the forefront of the Bitcoin movement. He has made it a priority to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of Bitcoin in hopes of it one day being a globally accepted form of currency.

Judd Bagley’s true interest lies not only in Bitcoin but also in the technology that powers the cryptocurrency. He is fascinated by the potential alternative uses of Bitcoin technology: it could be leveraged to exchange shares of public companies, establish ownership, transfer property titles, and far more. Judd believes Bitcoin technology to be the financial world’s equivalent of the internet: a platform with the potential to build absolutely anything.

The opinions expressed here are Judd’s own.


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