Virtual Currency Today Summit

Judd BagleyJudd Bagley speaking at Virtual Currency Today Summit 2015

I was asked to speak at Virtual Currency Today Summit recently. It was a compelling conference held in a super trendy corner of Boston.

My panel was dedicated to exploring the value of accepting Bitcoin to online retailers. You can see it here:

I was initially skeptical that this panel, which consisted of only myself, Andrew Hemingway and  moderator Sam Ditzion, would produce enough insights to justify the full hour allotted to it. Well in the end, we were able to fill the time and could have gone on much longer.

Judd Bagley

Judd Bagley (r) speaking at Virtual Currency Today Summit 2015

Andrew Hemingway, a former candidate for governor of New Hampshire, looked at Bitcoin through the lens of a t-shirt retailer (the same one responsible for the extreme manliness enhancing Three Wolf Moon shirt).

I looked at’s experience as the first major online retailer accepting the virtual currency. There were several insightful questions offered from the audience. The video of the session is very worth watching.

I also met Dawn Newton of Netki and look forward to figuring out how our organizations might be able to work together in the future.


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